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Lead And Chrome Free Paints Primers & Thinners

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Lcf Wash Primer

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This particular specification covers ‘Etching Primer-Lead Chrome Free’ used specifically for engineering units. It covers detail properties of product, advantages, application techniques & MSDS of product.

This is a two-component system (2k system) Base component containing Polyvinyl Butyral resin with anticorrosive pigments which are Lead Chrome Free. Polyvinyl Acetal Resin say Polyvinyl Butyral one gives excellent water resistance through its paraffin structure while dioxin link molecules of six atoms give rise a noticeable chemical resistance.

LCF Wash Primer is also known as “LCF Etch Primer” compared with other corrosion inhibiting materials, they are unique & most effective because they offer in a single treatment several means of preventing corrosion without using lead chrome (Hazardous Pigments).
It gives excellent adhesion to many substrates, faster drying is also advantageous. Better achievement is DFT & Opacity than normal Etch Primer. For heavy structures; where total Surface Treatment (Dip Phosphating) is not possible, this system is always helpful.

This primer is used for storage Tanks, Ships, Airplanes, Bridges, Agricultural equipments, Aluminium Castings, M.S., S.S. equipments, FRP, ABS Plastics and so many. This LCF Wash primer is applied in all cases where Paint Coating require weathering, sea water resistance & on damp metallic surfaces.
Leas Chrome Free Primer- as per environmental conditions.
Faster drying at room temperature.
It can withstand up to 350o C.
Phosphating can be eliminated from pretreatment.
For mild rusting, no sand rusting is required as little particle of rust also get converted into mg phosphate ion
Excellent water resistance.
Adhesion to many substrates like Aluminum, Plastics, Steel, and M. S.
After this priming welding is possible.
Better opacity with higher DFT than regular Etch Primer.
Excellent as undercoat for many systems like Epoxy, PU & Synthetic Enamels.
Unaffected by Oil & Grease.
Two packs cold or at low temperature curing System
Based on PVB Resin with lead chrome free anticorrosive pigments, off white or grey in Colour, having good consistency.
Very thin & clear with acidic in nature
1: 1 By Volume
around 15 to 25 sec By F/C no. 4
0.9 gm/cc
3-4 hours minimum (Do not use after 4-hrs.adhesion defect may occur)
By spray, Brush
10 – 15 microns per coat.
12. - 14 m2 / lit.
Touch Dry
10- 15 minutes
Hard dry
2 – 3 hours.
After 15 minutes before 6 months
below 22o C.
Off white/ Grey
10o C to 350o C.
Thinner Wash NC-102
It will protect the surface up-to one to six months approximately. It is always recommended to apply Top Coat over Was Primer.
up to 1 year as long as the sealed containers are kept in dry place.

It can be applied on metals, which have Sub-Sequent to be welded. It leaves little ash and will cause no obstruction in the weld. It gives off no obnoxious Fumes of welding.

Only spray vapors are acidic & protection of operator is desirable. It can be controlled by good ventilation. Operator should use mask & goggle while spraying. Mild irritation to skin in wet condition


Efficient degreasing must be done. If there is heavy rusting on M. S. use de-rusting chemical. No other treatment is necessary. Stir base component thoroughly before mixing. Take equal parts of Base Hardener in a container. After mixing allow it to mature for 15-20 minutes and then stir before use. It is particularly important that film thickness should not exceed more than 8 microns. So application by conventional spray is advisable. Application by brush, spray or roller is also possible. No thinner should be added while spraying.