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industrial paints
Lead And Chrome Free Paints Primers & Thinners

Tuff Coat EP-101 Epoxy Paint
Tuff Coats PU-101 Enamel
Tuff Coat Stoving Enamel

Etch  Primer With Hardener
Peelable Clear Lacquer
Tuff Coat St-1 Stove Enamel
Texture / Structure Finish
Tuff Coat PU - 101 Clear Lacquer
Tuff Coats Epoxy Stoving Paint
Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer

Acrofast Primer Surfacer Zinc Phosphate
Lcf Wash Primer

Hb-285 Epoxy Surfacer / Intermediate Coat Znp
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Texture / Structure Finish

Texture/ Structure finish paint is a combination of different resins, suitable anticorrosive pigments & special additives. This system gives excellent non-yellowing property, very tough film with required flexibility. Paint film cures at slightly higher temperature than normal Strong system. In a single application texture or structure finish will be obtained with film build.This finish gives very nice aesthetic appeal.
This paint is suitable for Exterior as well as Interior application mainly in control panels, machinery parts,toys,Automobile parts, Computer Tables, Steel Furniture.
Over-coating or stipple finish is not required to get achieve texture / structure finish.
Excellent mar resistance
Hardness, Scratch hardness is equivalent to powder coating.
Excellent abrasion resistance.
Good water & weather resistance.
Unaffected by spillage of solvents, oils, & detergents.
Hi-Build film formation ( Higher DFT )
Before applications of Texture / Structure finish coat do all necessary pretreatment of the job. For M.S.surface,remove grease,oil & loose scale & other contaminations by using degreasing agent. Blast clean the surface before primer coat is fully cured before application of structure coat. Do not add any thinner in paint, Apply Tuff Coat Structure finish at 40-60 psi on primer coat with minimum DFT 50 Microns.1st coat should be horizontal, then give 5-10 flash off, another coat should be vertical while application see that the primer coat will be covered properly. Give 10-15 air flash off & keep the object into oven at 130-140oC for 30 while application structure / texture pattern automatically appears on the object.

After stoving film shows excellent tough & textured finish. After use of paint, close the container immediately to avoid solvent losses & thickening of paint. Thickening of paint may disturb the pattern of paint film. Do not apply the paint in very high humid condition, during raining or mist  & fog or at very low temperature.