Epoxy Primer Surfacer Gray or Red Oxide Zinc Phosphate Zinc Chromate

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Introduction -

Two pack anticorrosive epoxy primer for use on steel surfaces; this primer is ideally designed for coastal environments performing excellent anticorrosive chemical resistant coating. this primer can be over-coated with epoxy paints; chlorinated rubber paints polyurethane coatings & epoxy based coal tar coatings.


EP-101 Epoxy Primer is undercoat for Polyurethane, Epoxy and Rubber paints, for various Fertilizer Industries, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Food Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Tanks, Pipelines and Structural Steel work. This system is also useful for maintenance coatings. Resistance to Oils, Alcohol’s, Fats, Solvents and Water gives wide range of application in chemical plants. Good electrical properties give application in panel work

1. The ability to be cured over wide range of temperature.
2. Excellent adhesion.
3. Withstand up to 120° C dry heat.
4. High mechanical strength.
5. Gives good adhesion to topcoat of various paints.
6. Unaffected by oil, grease and aliphatic and aromatic solvents, acid and alkalis.
7. Limited resistance to ketonic solvent.
8. Good electrical properties.

Type Two Packs
Composition Base:
Epoxy Resin, Diluents, Anticorrosive Pigments, Hardener: Polyamide Resin
Mixing Ratio 4:1
Pot Life at 30°C 5 - 6 Hours
Application By Brush, Roller, Airless Or Conventional Spray
Recommended DFT 35 - 40 µ
Covering Capacity 11 - 13 Sq Meter / Liter
% NVM of System 55% to 58%
Drying Time Surface Dry: Maximum 40-50 Minutes (Depending on Room Temp) Tack Free: Maximum 3 Hours
Hard Dry: Overnight/ Maximum 24 hrs
Full Curing 5 - 7 Days
Over - Coating Interval Min: Overnight Max: before 5 Days
Flash Point Above 22° C
Colour Gray
Thinner TC/EP 102
Finish Matt to Eggshell
Packing [Two Pack] 4 liter [3 + 1] & 20 liter [15 + 5]
Storage Life Up to 12 Months in packed condition at Normal room temperature
Temperature Resistance 110° C for dry heat
Acids & Alkalis resistance Good
Solvent resistance Very Good
Ketonic Solvent Resistance Limited
Water & Salt Resistance Excellent
Abrasion Resistance Fair
Flexibility Very Good [passes 1/8" mandrel]
Weather ability Very Good with suitable Top Coat
Salt Spray Test 400 hrs. Passes.


Before application of EP-101 Epoxy primer, do all necessary pretreatment of the job. For M. S. surface, remove all grease, oil and other contamination by using proper degreasing chemical. Blast clean the surface for heavy rusting or remove with de-rusting chemicals to clean the surface. The surface should be clean and dry before application. Stir base thoroughly and then mix three parts base and one part hardener by volume to uniform consistency. Give 30 minutes stabilization period to the mix. And then again stir before application.
For brushing if viscosity is higher than 60-80 sec then only add Epoxy thinner to get proper viscosity. It helps to get proper DFT. Use 10 to 15 % Epoxy thinner for conventional spray. For galvanized iron and aluminum use TC Etch Primer before application of Epoxy Primer. Mix the quantity perfect in ratio. Do not mix excess material, as the pot life of mix is 4 hours only. Do not apply when temperature falls below 12° C or relative humidity rises above 90% or during rain, fog or mist. Brushes and spray equipments should be cleaned properly after application; using Epoxy Thinner otherwise equipment is liable to be damaged.

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