Peelable Clear Lacquer

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This is specially formulated solvent based air drying system which sets rapidly on application as a thin coat and provides protection to underneath painted surface during handling, transportation or shipment etc. The coating can be peeled off in the form of continuous film with little efforts, keeping the underneath paint layer unaffected.

1. Suitable for application by brush or spray
2. Sets rapidly
3. V. good resistance to handling
4. Excellent water resistance
5. Excellent flexibility
6. Easy to apply and remove

1. Appearance Colourless clear liquid
2. Viscosity Around 35 sec by FB4 @ 30° C For Spraying Viscosity Around 60 sec by FB4 @ 30°C For Brushing

1. Bring down the viscosity suitable for spraying using TUFF COAT Thinner ST-102, if required. For brushing no thinning is required.
2. Apply three to four coats at an interval of 5-10 minutes to achieve DFT of 25-30 microns. Maintain pressure 50-60 PSI.

Due to excellent all round properties the coating has versatile application in diversified fields viz. Control cabinets, various equipments, export quality jobs especially those requiring heavy handling and shipment. The coating can be suitably applied on properly cured Stoving enamel, Epoxy Paints, PU paints, powder coatings without affecting aesthetics of the article. Being a clear coat it does not hide the original shade of the coated article.

Only limitation of the coating is that it is not suitable for application on (A/D) Air drying systems. Also note that the Heat Stability of the coating is Max. 60° C. Do not apply in Acidic Environment or do not keep at Acidic Environment after application

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