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Introduction -

N.C paint is based on Nitrocellulose, specially modified short oil alkyd resin. The system is suitably plasticized contains pigments to produce beige shade. Specifically designed to use as a top - coat & also can be used for refinishing purpose.

M.S Surface, Machines & Machine parts, FRP sheets, Plastics, wood


1. Excellent for refinishing
2. Fast Drying
3. Resist most salts & alkalis
4. Excellent scratch hardness
5. Good Adhesion direct on FRP & ABS with special treatment
6. Resistance to oil, Grease, water & Aliphatic solvents
7. Gloss level above 70 can be achieve without polishing & rubbing


Product Data
Composition Specially modified short oil alkyds, Nitrocellulose, Plasticizers, Pigments & Solvents like aromatic, alcohols & Ketones, esters.
Supply Viscosity at 30° C 160+/- 10 Seconds
Fineness of Grinding 7 H.G minimum
Density wt / liter at 30°C 1 +/- 0.05
% N.V.M 100° C / 2 Hours 35+/- 4%
Drying Time Surface Dry: 5 to 10 min
Tack Free: 10 to 15 min
Hard Dry: 16 to 18 Hours
Full Curing 72 Hrs to 7 days depending on R. T
Handlable After Overnight
Application Viscosity 20 - 30 Seconds by conventional Spray
Recommended Thinner TC/ NC - 102 (If necessary use retarder 10 to 20 % of the thinner in rainy season or in humid conditions
Ovecoating Interval After 20 minutes minimum
Required DFT in single coat 25 to 30µ
Finish Smooth & Glossy
Gloss at 60° angle 70 to 80 ( to achieve more gloss rubbing is required)
Cross- Cut Adhesion Test Passes as per IS - 101 after full curing or after baking at 120° C
Scratch Hardness Minimum 1500 gms Passes as per IS - 101 after full curing or after baking at 120° C
Flexibility 6 mm mandral Passes as per IS - 101 after full curing or after baking at 120° C
Spreading Capacity 8 -10 Sq Mtr / Liter
Flash Point 22° C
Salt Spray Test 5% NaCl 96 Hours minimum
Shelf Life Minimum 12 months when Kept in cool & dry place
Packing Available 20 liter, 10 liter, & 4 liter M.S. Drums & tin

Before application of topcoat N.C paint do all necessary pretreatment of the Job. For MS Surface, remove grease, oil and other contamination by using degreasing agent. Blast cleans the surface for heavy rusting. Use de-rusting chemicals to clean the surface. Phosphating and passivation should be done. Apply TC Fast Primer., N.C primer , Epoxy Primer, Air-dry above primer coat overnight.
Then remove the excess coating of primer and get 10 – 15 micron DFT. Fill up the N.C. putty if necessary. Proper curing of all primer coats and putties essential before application of N.C paint to get proper adhesion. Stir the N.C. paint thoroughly reduce the viscosity of paint by using TC/NC -102 thinner to 25-30 sec (for Spray Application). After using the paint close the container immediately to avoid the solvent losses and moisture absorption in material. Do not apply in humid condition, during raining or mist and fog or at very low temperature.

1. Fire hazard as it content highly inflammable solvents & Nitrocellulose.
2. Very difficult to apply in rainy season or in very humid conditions; It is very difficult to avoid blushing.
3. Poor solvent resistance & acid resistance.
4. Only recommended for refinishing purpose.
To overcome above limitations, Fast Enamels, PU Enamels are rapidly replacing N.C paints in wide range of Industrial applications.

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